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All our planters are custom made to order. Select your metal choice to begin customizing your planter!

  • COR-TEN Steel

    A weathering steel that ages beautifully and adds a rustic look to your space. COR-TEN reaches its full patina in 6-12 months, after which the rusting process stablizes and lasts for 20+ years.

  • Stainless Steel

    A corrosion-resistant alloy with a beautiful metallic finish that will last for 50+ years with no maintenance. Stainless steel is a versatile choice that brings a touch of modern design to any space.

  • Aluminum

    A lightweight metal available in a durable powder coated finish in your choice of color. Made with laser-cut precision and ultra tight corner seams that give the illusion of being hewn from a solid block.


How does it work?

You design your custom planters and order online.

With a few clicks, select your material, specify your dimensions, and choose the right bed height for your plants. We'll give you an instant quote, and you can checkout online in seconds. Don't settle for someone else's cookie-cutter design, get the planter you actually want.

We build them just right.

Our planters are engineered and built to last for decades. The walls are formed from premium metal alloys, reinforced with a strong internal frame for unparalleled durability. Every planter is handmade with laser-precision and ultra tight tolerances you just won't find anywhere else.

We provide free white-glove delivery in the Twin Cities.

Order a planter as big as your dreams, we'll take care of the delivery. We offer free-white glove delivery in the Twin Cities, Rochester, Eau Claire and more. For customers anywhere else in MN and WI, we'll provide the same great delivery service, subject to a flat-rate destination charge. For details, please see our shipping policy.

Ready for your custom planters?

What sets our planters apart?

Made from the right stuff.

We've built hundreds of planters in every size you can imagine, so we know exactly how thick to make the walls, and how to reinforce them to make them last decades. We offer a range of premium alloys including 304 Stainless Steel, COR-TEN Weathering Steel, and 5052 Aluminum- available in a range of beautiful and durable powder coat finishes.

Visually seamless construction.

Our planters are formed from ultra-precise laser cut panels, joined together with internal fillet welds that yield almost invisible corner seams. The top edges are folded inward to create the illusion of 1.5 inch thick walls, while the top corners are miter cut and joined to preserve a consistent grain-pattern on the top edge.

Stronger beneath the surface.

Our planters are reinforced with an internal frame that's engineered to easily withstand forces that break many planters on the market. An internal tube framework braces the walls against bulging outward from soil pressure or frost in cold climates. Our 22ga galvanized steel planter bed is supported by a series of metal tubes placed at 12" intervals to securely hold the weight of the soil.

Looking for detailed specifications? Take a look at our technical documentation.

Your perfect planter awaits.

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